New Method for Losing Weight Discovered

If you love eating and hate to remain hungry, then it can be difficult to lose weight without fasting, if you are worried about it also. But today many new ways have been invented by various medical practitioners who can help you in losing weight without experiencing hunger any more. Brief information about some of this weight losing methods is provided in this write-up for your consideration.

Add eggs instead of grain based foods in breakfast

more-egg-breakfastAccording to various health care providers, you may be losing weight without experiencing hunger by making some changes in your eating habits. You can change grain based foods in your breakfast with eggs to lose weight without remaining hungry. Its effect on your body weight has been proved through various studies made on some persons living in different environments. People eating eggs in their breakfast consumed lesser calories in the remaining day as eggs kept them fulfilled for a longer time which helps in losing weight effectively if continued for some time. Another benefit of eating eggs is that they prevent you from heart problems as they do not raise your bad cholesterol.

Eat more protein

If you eat protein rich foods, then you not only gain muscles but also lose weight by burning more fat than usual. It has been proved through various researches that protein automatically helps in losing weight as you have to burn more fat to digest it. In this way protein also improves your metabolism better than other nutrients as to use and digest protein your body needs more calories that digesting carbs and fat which it gets from burning the fat accumulated in your body. Moreover, protein reduces the feeling of hunger which also helps in curbing your craving for food.

Eat high fibre and low density foods

Some of the medical practitioners recommend eating foods rich in fibre but low in energy density as they help you in feeling full for a long time even by consuming lesser calories. They suggest you to increase vegetable and fruits in your regular diet as they have low energy density but their high fibre and water content keep you satisfied for a long time. The effect of low energy and high fibre food on your body weight has been proved through various studies. People surviving on soup and other similar low energy density diets lose 50% more weight than the people eating high energy density foods. Along with help, you in weight loss fibrous foods also help in cleansing your digestive tracts which keep you overall healthy for a long time.

Cut carbs but eat full to lose weight

Some of the health experts recommend reducing your carb intake to reduce your weight without experiencing hunger. According to them, you start losing weight by cutting carbs in your regular diet as you are eating lesser calories which automatically reduce your weight without any additions efforts. You should eliminate or reduce the use of major sources of carbs including sweets, sugars, starchy foods like pasta, potatoes and bread, etc. and sodas to cut carbs in your routine diet. It can be beneficial for you if you reduce your carb daily intake to 100-150 gm. Along with fat weight loss reducing carb in your daily diet also helps in controlling your insulin level along with improving the functioning of your kidneys to increase the excretion of water and sodium from your body in the form of urine which also help in faster weight loss.


phentermine-weight-reduction-successPhentermine is the generic name of a natural product that is used in various weight reducing medicines. It is also considered as the best medication option for losing weight without remaining hungry. It is being used since long as an effective appetite suppressant that can help in effective weight loss with consistent use for sometime say less than three months. According to various medical researches phentermine stimulates your hypothalamus gland which helps in reducing your appetite. You should take medicine containing 15-30 mg phentermine 1-2 hours before breakfast, once every day. But you must consult your health care provider before buying it. It can cause certain side effects like headache, restlessness, sleeping problem, dizziness, diarrhoea, tremors, sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, impotence, libido alteration and constipation etc.

Thus you can choose a method, from various methods available these days, for losing weight without remaining hungry as per your suitability but phentermine is considered to be the best of them all.