How To Lose Weight Without Being Hungry

Most people who are worried about their increasing weight use various types of weight loss programs every year, but most of them get temporary results. They initially lose weight by sticking to any of these programs but after some time, their weight gradually reverts to its original condition. So for this reason, they usually search for the best medical practices in New York that can help them in losing weight safely without experiencing hunger. The top medical weight loss clinic in New York to lose weight without hungry is briefly discussed hereunder for their assistance.

Bariatric surgery

The NYU Langone Medical Centre in New York suggests a weight management program which is highly regarded by many medical practitioners in New York. They believe to use various medical and surgical options including gastric balloon, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, etc. to lose weight safely and efficiently without experiencing hunger. They, being accredited to MBSAQIP or Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program, provide high-quality services at this comprehensive centre to the patients of all ages. According to them losing weight is not only a cosmetic treatment but also a life-saving one as many ailments are attached to obesity. Most of the obese people experience various health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problem, high cholesterol problem, degenerative arthritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, infertility and different types of skin problems and cancers.


Juicing is considered as the latest craze among medical practitioners as it cleanses dietary effects on one’s weight. According to a published study, it can be started by taking the juice of all the vegetable and fruits daily as per one’s requirement. The U.S. Department of Agriculture also suggests men and women to eat one and a half to two cups of fruits and two and a half to three cups of vegetables every day to lose weight without experiencing hunger. Though juicing can provide your body lots of minerals and vitamins but you miss the fibre that helps you in moderating your blood sugar level and improving digestion. Moreover, you may feel hungry by depending on juicing as while changing fruits and vegetables into juice their fibrous content will be removed which keeps you feel full for a long time. The pulp of the fresh fruit and vegetable that contain valuable fibre is left behind while juicing them.

Add Vegetables and Protein

Some doctors in New York suggest adding vegetables and proteins in your diet and cut starches and sugars from it to help in consuming recommended amount of carbs every day. For instance, if you aim to consume 1200-1600 calories in a day then you should consume 140-190 gram carbs to get 1200 calories or 180 gm to 250 gm carbs to get 1600 calories in a day. According to reports published in the International Journal of Obesity, to lose weight without experiencing hunger, you can also add fish, meat, eggs and seafood as the best source of protein in your diet. They can help in losing weight more effectively only if combined with energy deficit diet. According to health experts in New York, you can balance your energy levels and blood sugar level by consuming the right amount of proteins in snacks and meals. According to a registered dietician nutritionist, Lauren Harris-Pincus, by managing hunger, you can curb craving effectively as protein in your diet helps you to feel full for a longer time as it will delay your digestion process. According to him, you should eat half plate of veggies with every meal as they are packed with nutrients and fibre required by your body and low in calories.


Most medical practitioners at weight loss clinics in New York and all over the nation suggest Phentermine as an effective medical solution to losing weight without experiencing hunger. Phentermine is an FDA approved generic drug that is used as the best option for weight management for many decades, even if many approved competitors have entered the market in the meantime. It can be the most successful medical weight loss practice in New York if combined with 1200 calorie diet. It is a bit expensive drug as compared to others, but its effectiveness can return the value of money spent on it. But you should not use it without consulting your doctor as it can intensify the heart problem if you already have.